March 24

In another effort to help Dee, I signed us up for wifi. I can’t understand why, in 2020, Canadians pay so much for this service! It’s a disgrace! In France, we pay 30 euros – tops for an unlimited wifi connection in the home. And our cell phone fees are 20 euros (at least withContinue reading “March 24”

March 19, 2020

Entering the Canadian border at Pearson International Terminal at 11 pm was not complicated as the news reports had suggested. I was trying to keep a lookout at where the Coronavirus checkpoints were. I couldn’t even find the dispensers for hand sanitizer after using the declaration kiosks, let alone people enforcing the social distancing practiceContinue reading “March 19, 2020”

March 18, 2020

Leading up to my trip, I was a little overwhelmed with the work I had to do for my client as well as trying to finish my new kimono collection. Since I was going to be taking 3 weeks off from my day-in-day-out tasks to focus on quality time with my friends and family backContinue reading “March 18, 2020”

March 17 2020.

My friend AL back home in Toronto wanted me to come to his late mothers tombstone unveiling. regrettably, I didn’t make it to his mothers funeral back in November because I was in France trying to get my divorce settled. He didn’t have to pursued me too hard to go. It was going to beContinue reading “March 17 2020.”

C U S T O M – M A D E / W E T S U I T S

Our Summer wetsuits are made for comfort in movement and sun protection.  Each made with 1 mm Neoprene and made to measure.  Limited and exclusive, they are perfect for Late Spring, Early Fall weather.  Bespoke Wetsuits are what we are all about. If you have another band you prefer better than Led Zeppelin, or Gun’sContinue reading “C U S T O M – M A D E / W E T S U I T S”