March 17 2020.

My friend AL back home in Toronto wanted me to come to his late mothers tombstone unveiling. regrettably, I didn’t make it to his mothers funeral back in November because I was in France trying to get my divorce settled. He didn’t have to pursued me too hard to go. It was going to be an opportunity to visit him as well as own my family, whom I hadn’t seen in four years since I left Toronto to get married in France. Of course, I was happy to go.

I am based in LA now, not France. I positioned myself in California strategically to work on developing my swimwear brand Mer-C, and also to curate an awesome vintage collection, which I was planing on selling on my new site this summer. All these efforts to have a big launch had been a year in the making. I was finally flowing with a productive momentum in my business practice. I had establish consistent clients, and was working 10 hours days, 6 days a week.

However, this trip was long overdue. Despite my busy professional life, I missed my friend and his sense of humor, his life commentary about us getting old, fashion, taste, and pop culture. He has been a friend through think and thin, since we were teenagers, in fact. We grew up in Toronto, and coincidentally lived in London and New York at the same time. He was a model booker in his hey-day, I was a fashion designer during mine. And now he needed me just to stand with him.

He has been a friend through thick and thin.

My father passed away in 1996. He had cancer. Going through that experience has made me a person who can empathize greatly to ones own mourning. And so my friend had chosen me to express his grief to, and I feel honored he did and still does.

I selected a flight on WestJet from LAX to YZZ, departure March 17, return date April 7, 2020. And on March 18, Prime Minister Trudeau announced the US / Canadian Border would be closed indefinitely.

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